First Game Drive at Alex Walker’s

September 28, 2016

We said our goodbyes to the amazing staff at Namiri Plains and headed to Seronero Airstrip. It was another great game drive. We flew from Seronero Airstrip to Lamai Airstrip. We were a little confused and got off at Kogatende first.  The ground personal called our camp and we were told our guide was on the other side of the river at Lamai Airstrip. So we hopped back on for the 5-minute flight across the river. After we settled into our home for the next four days, we had lunch with Alex and then headed out on an afternoon game drive. We immediately came upon a mother lion and three cubs dining on a fresh kill of zebra. Mom was relaxing and the cubs were busy filling up on zebra. And this is the Cycle of Life. We watched a mother ostrich with a group of baby chicks, foxes, and hyenas. We saw spectacular landscapes and another Serengeti sunset. Our guide radioed ahead and hot bucket showers awaited us when we arrived. We ended a perfect 1st day at Alex Walker’s with Sundowners, a gourmet dinner, and great conversation among new friends.

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