Rosh Hashanna Menu

“There is no way you can practice Judaism religiously or culturally
without food. Food has been intrinsic to Jewish ritual, life, and
culture from the outset. What is the very first act that the Israelites
in Egypt are commanded to do? It’s to have a communal meal—
roast lamb and herbs, some nice shwarma. And with that, the
beginning of the Jewish people is through a meal. The famous joke
—“They tried to kill us, we won, now let’s eat”—is not really that far
from the truth.” – Gil Marks

Most celebrations center around food and Rosh Hashanah is no exception.

Every family has its own savory and sweet favorites, but brisket and kugel are almost always present at any Rosh Hashanah celebration. In our family, we always have matza ball soup, gefilte fish, and chopped liver. And of course, apples and honey to symbolize a “sweet” New Year.

Before the meal, as at every holiday, Jewish families will light candles and recite the blessing over wine (Kiddush) and the blessing over bread (Hamotzi). But at Rosh Hashanah, the bread (challah) will be shaped into a circle (instead of its usual oblong) which symbolizes the cycle of life.

This is our “go to” menu, but make it your own!


Shanah Tovah!

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