June 24, 2019

One of the most visually stunning ruins of the Inca civilization is Moray about 4 miles west of the village of Maras. It has several enormous circular depressions made from concentric circular stone terraces which get smaller in size toward the middle much like an amphitheater. A difference in temperature is created on each of the individual levels. This temperature difference is as much as 15°C (27°F) between the top layer and the bottom, creating different micro-climates. Experts have suggested that Moray was some kind of Inca agricultural experiment to study the effects of climate on crops. The effects created by Moray’s terraced levels are similar to that of a greenhouse. The soil used in the construction of Moray was first imported from different regions and then used for each of the different large circular terraces. Another fact is how the lowest levels drained perfectly and never flooded. 60% of the world’s food crops originated in the Andes.

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