How I Really Eat!

So how do we really eat every day? It’s pretty easy and we can live with it.
My sister, Patricia, calls us, she included Flexitarians. By definition, a Flexitarian is “a person whose diet is mostly vegetarian but sometimes includes meat, fish, or poultry.
We follow a plant-based diet. Vegetarian, not Vegan, about 3 days/week. Some days end up Vegan. We followed a Vegan Diet for 2 weeks about 5 years ago. We felt great! Slept well. But Vegan is not for us long term. What we learned was we both feel so much better when we avoided dairy and grains and ate a plant-based diet.
  • We eat organic fruit and veggies. We try to avoid high-glycemic fruits and veggies.
  • We eat a lot of fish. Chicken occasionally. Every couple of weeks Allan needs a steak. He usually immediately regrets it but doesn’t stop him.
  • We also try to cut out all sugars except naturally occurring sugars. Sugar is Patricia’s downfall. And she is diabetic.
  • We limit grains. We are Gluten free if we have to have bread. I was tested for celiac because of my heritage but it came back negative. Low Carb. I just feel better.
  • We limit dairy. I am not lactose intolerant but feel so much better not drinking milk. We will still eat cheese and yogurt occasionally. But no milk. We use coconut or almond. It’s just one way to limit the dairy.
  • We use MCT in coffee every morning.
  • And TRY to drink 64oz of water a day. Not so easy. Not drinking enough water was a contributing factor to Allan’s small bowel blockage.
  • We both do intermittent fasting (our way) which works really well for both of us. Nothing too crazy. The intermittent fasting is the key for us. I was close to 150 pounds and I’m now around 132. I am able to maintain that number and not feel deprived. There is a lot of research that fasting (real fasting under doctor’s care) can cure most illnesses. We fast from around 8 or 9 pm until about 2 or 3 pm. That way most of the time is during sleep. After a week you don’t even notice it. We do have coffee. I have a ton of info on Intermittent Fasting that I would be happy to share.
  • Always talk to your physician first. If you have diabetes, also talk to Patricia. She does IF and her diabetes is controlled. If you’re taking Warfarin talk to your physician. “One nutrient that can lessen warfarin’s effectiveness is vitamin K. It’s important to be consistent in how much vitamin K you get daily.” Source: Mayo Clinic

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